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Kızılkaya Cafe

cafeThe Kızıl kaya Cafe&Restaurant that is bringing different dimensions to classical cafe rrestaurant concept invites you into a different atmosphere with different settings after giving you a cheerful reception.  You can find in the menu of our Cafe&Restaurant that is the new Project of the Kızılkaya Grup being in the Gulf for 25 years choice Italian pizza, macaroni, salads and beverages. You can have open buffet breakfast at weekends. On the other hand, the red and white meats that are essentials for Turkish cuisine are also serviced after having been stewed.

You can also taste the Italian and Turkish desserts at our Cafe&Restaurant which has breakfast, lunch and dinner choices for all palatal delights. 

Pizza dough, macaroni and salads are made in their own cuisines with the most qualified and natural products. There is also a playground for your children at our Cafe&Restaurant which has 35 table, 120 sitting capacity.

In the organisations made at weekends your guests can have their dinners while they are resting and having fun.

In a different place of our Cafe&Restaurant special day celebrations and  meeting organisations with 50 persons can be arranged. All equipments are available for making presentation with convenient sound system.

Paintings and wall colours using in the decoration of the Kızılkaya Cafe&Restaurant which make you feel  being in a different place mingle with brand.

Details used in the decoration and the colors of walls and locals will bring your attention to the details of the locality directly and give you possibility to spend a nice time. If you want to have these flavours at your home takeaway service is at your disposal.

Kızılkaya Cafe
Quality Certificates
kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
Our restaurant, which was founded in 1989, has been continuing to serve via its experienced personnel and its building suitable from the point of view of substructure and ..
kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya catering kızılkaya catering
Our quality and food safety policy is to improve efficiency of quality and food safety system, to act according to all law codes, codex and standards..,
kızılkaya catering
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kızılkaya catering
kızılkaya catering
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